Today we take a look at the best Keyword Rank Checker and Keyword Rank Monitor tools. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term used for improving your ranking within search engines. Every website is scanned by search engines and ranked in results based on what they believe to be the most useful to a user.

SEO has a lot of factors which control where a website may appear in results. As an example: Website loading speed, usability, security, domain age and authority, metadata, bounce rate and backlinks.

SEO is not a quick task to complete. You should continue to monitor your website and competitors for specific keywords and try to complete updates to ensure you rank better. Updating your website regularly with improvements and content will help to rank better and it can take a fair few months to see improvements so you must stay committed.

In this post, we will look at the best SEO tools for keyword monitoring. With SEO you should be tracking your improvements and current rankings. The idea with SEO is to make changes and monitor to see if that had a good/negative ranking change. We’ve reviewed some of the best tools around, free and paid, to see what we believe are the best and best value for money. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page – so often this is referred to as SERP rank checker.

The pricing outlined is mainly for monthly payments based on managing 1-5 domains (typically).

Keyword Monitoring Tools

First things first, you need to make a list of keywords that you are looking to improve on. We suggest a list of 3-10 keywords to initially focus on. We would also recommend long-tail keywords as a good starting point i.e. ‘Professional music studio in Chelmsford, Essex‘. Once you have your list we need a tool to check your current ranking for these keywords. Ideally, the tool should store this information and show us when they update in a good/negative position change.

1. SERPs Rank Checker  FREE

This tool is used for a one-off rank check. You enter the keyword and domain then search to see the expected ranking. Ideally, we are looking for a tool that we can use for multiple keywords and monitor these automatically. This tool is useful for a quick single check.

Serps rank checker example - search


2. SEMRush  PAID

SEMRush has a wide variety of SEO tools which are useful for all your SEO needs. In this case, we are interested only in the ‘Position Tracking’ functionality.

SEMRush is a paid product, but you can use a 1-month trial of the PRO functionality to see if that is the right one for you. At the time of writing this article the cheapest monthly price is as follows:

  • 99.95 USD / 79.91 GBP (per month). This lets you have 5 projects, 500 keywords, 100,000 pages to crawl and multiple reports. Check out their pricing page to see more.

One of the great benefits of Position Tracking with SEMRush is the domain vs domain functionality. This means you can add your own domain name, competitors domain names and the keywords you would like to track.

Note: With the basic trial account you can only track 10 keywords, to begin with 😟

SEMRush Position Tracking - example screenshot

With this tool, you can compare rankings, landing pages, visibility and much more. This tool is very useful in determining where you rank, tracking updates to positions based on keywords, competitors and different search engines/devices/areas.

Value for money: YES. For the price above, you gain a wide variety of tools to help your SEO efforts. Including the Position Tracking from above and the below list:

  • Site Audit. See what SEO improvements you can make to your website to perform better and in SEO aspects.
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Keyword Analysis and Analytics. SEO Ideas
  • Social Media Tool
  • Backlink Audit. Showing you which backlinks might be ‘toxic’ to your SEO score.
  • PPC Keyword tool, Organic Traffic Insights and Content tool

If you are looking after 3-5 domains this would be a good purchase. If you are looking for one domain name, you may wish to contact them and see if they offer smaller or custom plans.


3. Advanced Web Ranking  PAID

Advanced web ranking offer products in the cloud and desktop and at different pricing. For the basic Site owners package (Cloud) you get the following:

  • 49 USD / 39.20 GBP (per month). This lets you monitor 2000 keywords, with unlimited reports/websites, rank tracking, SEO reporting, SEO audit and much more.

For the desktop version with a range of different features but ultimately the same you can download a site owner’s lifetime licence for 199 USD.

You can also create a trial account to test the services before committing.

In terms of simplicity, we think this tool wins. The data is easy to see and consume. You add your main domain, keywords, search engines and competitors and away you go.

Within the tool, you can see your ranking for specific keywords against your competitors. As well as compare a range of statistics against competitor websites.

AWR Cloud - Keyword ranking tool - example screenshot

We’ve been testing this tool for a while now and we like the way it displays the information. As well as the reports on ranking changes that are sent.

Value for money: YES. This tool does have value for money due to the way the data is displayed and reported to you. You can quickly see information without having to dig around in the tool, it is easy to navigate. The only question is, for an extra 50 USD/40 GBP would you prefer to have a wider range of tools throughout rather than something that is more focused on keyword rankings only.



AHREFs is an online tool that is ‘mostly’ targetted at backlinks/links to your website. But also has tools/information about keywords and rankings. AHREFs is a paid tool but also offers a monthly Lite trial to test it out. The pricing for the monthly lite plan can be seen below:

  • 99 USD / 79.17 GBP (per month). This includes 5 campaigns (which I assume domains), 300 tracked keywords every week, explore 25 domains per day, reports, keywords explorer, alerts and much more.

There are multiple other packages available as well as discounts based on annual billing. Be sure to check out their pricing page for more information.

The tool itself has a range of different sections and functionality. You can easily see an overview of your domain showing rank, domain rank, backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords (keywords you naturally rank for), basic traffic information and much more.

The main focus for AHREFs appears to be backlinks. It shows useful information about the number of backlinks, domains, type of links (dofollow, nofollow etc), URL ratings, new/lost backlinks, anchor phrases and more.

For the purpose of this post, the two main parts in AHREFs would be Keywords Explorer and Rank tracker.

Keyword ExplorerAHREFs keywords explorer - keyword difficulty screenshot

Within the keyword explorer, you can search for a range of keywords and learn about them. For example, you can see variations of the keywords as well as the volume of traffic to those variations. Suggests are available for keywords that you might possibly also rank for as well as search suggestions.

This tool is also useful to show the keyword difficulty. They show an approximate amount of backlinks that you will need to rank in the top 10 for the keyword. This is highly useful information, not only can you see the traffic to the keyword but what they suggest would have you show in the top 10 results. Awesome!


Keyword Rank Tracker

To access the rank tracker, we didn’t find it easy to find. On the overview, we clicked on the number of tracked keywords, shown below.

AHREFs Keyword rank tracker - option

You can now see the list of keywords that you are tracking and the relevant ranks as well as any change. You can also see the keyword difficulty here so you can determine what level of effort may be needed to improve your ranking. You can also see the URL you are ranking for as well as mobile search information (if you have an upgraded account).

AHREFs Keyword Rank Checker - Example Screenshot

One thing that they do not have is the comparison of rankings to competitors. It would be useful to see how well others perform for a specific keyword here.

Value for Money: YES. In terms of what is available, there are a lot of tools and functionality on AHREFs. Although the functionality is mostly towards backlinks than keywords. The keyword explorer is a useful tool to find out more about the keywords you should be tracking and look into performing better for. The actual keyword rank monitoring is not the most useful tool, fairly basic in comparison but that does not rule it out at all.


5. SEOlytics PAID

SEOlytics is an online service offering multiple tools within SEO. The first item I noticed when logging in was they showed some SEO news which is always useful to stay up to date at a glance. However, some of those news items were displayed in German when I never said I could speak that language – strange.

When trying to test out the keyword monitoring functionality, I added my keywords to be granted with the following message:

  • If you want to monitor individual keywords, we recommend using the SISTRIX Optimizer (paid content).

For that reason, I am unable to test and say if this is value for money. But they didn’t impress me a couple of times… 🙁


6. MOZ – Rank Tracker  PAID

MOZ Rank Tracker is a tool setup for exactly what we need. However, having run into some technical issues during signup I have been unable to test this yet – To be continued…



SERPBook is an online tool used to check rankings for keywords. It is fairly simple in its use, but its sole purpose is keyword rank monitoring and that is exactly what is does. The pricing for the tool is based on what you require:

  • 50 keywords/domains price per month is 11.95 USD / 9.57 GBP.

Once signup you can add a bunch of keywords and your domain and begin tracking. It shows your movement on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also shows a breakdown on the day, week, month differences as well.

SERPBook example rankings

Value for Money: YES. They offer so many different packages to suit what you need and the tool does exactly what you expect. Nothing more and nothing less. That might put you off if you are looking to get a little extra bang for your buck, but for the low cost, this is a great tool.


8. Rank Watch  PAID

Rank Watch is an online SEO tool specifically for keyword rank watching/monitoring. Rank watch offers pricing per month, 6 months and yearly. It offers a 14 day trial period which is a little short IMO, but a good tool to check out.

  • For 250 keywords per month with daily ranking refresh, white labelling reports and alerts it is only 19 GBP per month.

Rank Watch is a great tool for tracking and monitoring keyword rankings in different search engines. It has in-depth information about every part you will need. Showing current rank, additional rank factors, highest rank, volume and a page score. The page score allows you to look into the page and see improvements you could make to improve your ranking for the page/keyword in question, very useful.

Rank Watch - Ranking overview - example screenshot

You can also research your specific keywords, checking what their search volume is. You can also look at low hanging fruit keywords which are keywords that you might be able to rank well for. This is extremely useful.

Rank Watch automatically picks up your competitors from your keywords and also shows if there are any paid competitors spending on ads for those keywords. Additional tools such as a website analyser and keyword suggestions are also available.

They also offer backlink functionality called Link Center. This allows you to research your backlinks and breaks them down, although not related to this post it’s useful to know this is included in the cost of the tool.

Value for Money: YES. Overall a great tool with a lot of functionality. For monitoring keyword rankings this is a tool to watch out for, especially at the reasonable pricing per month this would be a great tool for the toolbelt.


9. SERP Cloud PAID

SERP Cloud for me is similar to SERPBook, the pricing is fairly close to:

  • 50 keywords/domains for 7 USD / 5.61 GBP per month

SERP Cloud is very affordable. I created an account and then setup a project. When testing it took a very long time to show the keyword rankings for the first time. I almost think it would have been better to say check back tomorrow, rather than showing a loading icon with no indication of when that might stop. I also found some the first keyword rankings it showed where incorrect.

With SERP Cloud you can also enter competitors and monitor their different changes. There is a range of reports as well as white labelling.

Value for Money: YES. For me the cost is so small it is hard to say no. I am not a fan of the tool layout and style, but that could just be me. For what it is doing, checking keyword rankings it is a good tool and affordably priced.


10. Link Assitant – Rank Tracker (desktop app) PAID

Rank Tracker is part of a bunch of desktop and online tools by Link Assistant such as SEO SpyGlass. These tools are great to have, there is no escaping that.

  • For the complete tool and unlimited usage, you can get it for 107 GBP. However, if you are going to pay that you should definitely commit to the 259 GBP for the full package. This comes with 4 or 5 tools all with great SEO usage and well worth the extra.

Rank Tracker can be used as an online tool or desktop, we went for the desktop app and its great. Firstly you enter your domain name into the tool, then you can select from a wide range of search engines and the regions that you would like to rank in. I.e. Google this is useful because you may only want to rank well in one country. The tool then takes a few minutes to collect the relevant data…

Once complete it quickly shows you the information you need such as your current rank in the different engines as well as you visibility which could help you improve your rank.

Rank Tracker - SEO - Example Screenshot

For each keyword, you can also look into more information about your competitors. What their InLink rank, domain InLink rank, on page optimisation rate, site linking to the domain and page and so much more. With this useful information, you can go away and make updates to compete with these other sites.

The Rank Tracker also shows you your overall visibility to the search engines and talks about how you can improve this, great tips.

With the limited version you cannot export data and save your projects so you do have to continue to put the same information in each time you use the tool.

Value for Money: YES. The range of tools and functionality is extremely useful. As above if you are looking to purchase one tool, it makes sense to buy the pack as the other tools boast just as much use in different SEO areas such as backlinks.


We recommend checking out all of these tools and will definitely come back with an overall opinion on which we believe to best for the long run. If there are any other tools you think we should check out please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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