Mobile Application Design and Development

Morris Projects specialise in Mobile App Development. We have worked on a range of client and internal app projects. Including iOS, Android and cross platform app development in Essex and across the world. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help, get in touch today,

Android App Development

Android Apps

We have a team of developers and designers ready for any mobile project including Android mobile applications.

Apple iOS App Development

iOS Apps

We specialize in making advanced iOS Applications. Typically our iOS applications are coded in Native Objective-C.

HTML5 App Development

HTML5 Apps

In need of a Flash/HTML5 application? We work on a wide range of custom web application projects.

Cross Platform App Development with React Native by Morris Projects

Cross Platform Apps

We work with a range of cross platform app development programs including building in Facebook’s React Native.

Our Latest App

We recently released our latest internal app for iOS called 'My Eye Spy'. Play I spy with my little eye with your friends, family and random oponents on the go! Download for free on the Apple app store now.

My Eye Spy App

App Development based in Chelmsford, Essex

Morris Projects specializes in App Design and Development. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex and provide our services across the world. We create apps from start to finish and can also work with existing apps providing updates or new functionality. Get in touch to find out more

App Design and Development

iOS App Development

Morris Projects offer a custom iOS Application Development Service. If you are looking for a company to work on your latest app idea or an enterprise solution then get in touch.

We are trained in iOS development and have knowledge with all of aspects of Apples development. Such as Xcode configuration, cocoa touch, cocoapods and apples frameworks.

Here are some of most popular frameworks we have recently worked on:

  • AudioKit
  • CloudKit
  • CoreAudio
  • GameKit
  • iAd
  • Photos
  • Social
  • SpriteKit
  • UIKit

We build custom iOS applications to your requirements, so if you have any questions regarding iOS Application Development then please get in touch, we'd love to talk!

Android Application Development Service

Morris Projects offer a custom Android Application Development Service. If you are looking for a custom android application or a cross platform application developed then please get in touch.

We have trained developers working on custom android applications and build applications to your specification.

Looking for custom features such as user login, facebook or twitter integrations, a shop/store application, games and more then get in touch to find out what we can offer.

Custom Web Application Development

Morris Projects have worked on multiple custom web and flash applications. We build applications in HTML5 and Flash for websites and mobiles.

Our developers have worked a range of Flash/HTML5 applications. If you would like to see some of previous work please let us know. We can develop custom web applications including games, dashboards and custom applications to your requirements. Please get in touch for a free application quotation.

Cross platform App Development

Morris Projects offers a comprehensive cross platform app development service. We specialize in Facebook's React Native platform which allows for a single development environment to develop apps in Android and iOS and other platforms.

If you are interested in app development, please get in touch and we can advise what we believe would be the best route for you.

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